Why are we doing this recall?

As a responsible supplier of quality surge protector products, APC by Schneider Electric, and in partnership with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, has decided to recall certain cord-connected surge protector products made before 2003 as the affected products may present a fire hazard under infrequent, abnormal building wiring and electrical conditions.


How has this affected our customers?

The safety concern and reported incidents are specific to cord connected surge protector products made before 2003 and sold in North America only.  The affected products may present a fire hazard under infrequent, abnormal building wiring and electrical conditions.  This hazard has been reported in a small percentage (<0.01%) of the units sold and included reports of property damage, mostly involving damaged nylon carpeting.


What product models, and what is the exact manufactured date range affected?

Cord-connected APC SurgeArrest brand products; model names Personal, Professional, Performance and Network made before 2003 are affected. 


How many products are in the installed base?

APC sold over 15 million units in the affected range of manufacture date.  Given the reliability and nature of APC by Schneider Electric SurgeArrest products, we expect that many affected products are still in the field.


Are other products affected? What about products we sell now, are they safe?

No other products are affected.  Products made after 2003 are not affected and do not pose a hazard under normal or abnormal building wiring and electrical conditions.


Why is it necessary to recall products made so long ago?

Age is not a factor in safety. APC by Schneider Electric is dedicated to making products that are safe to use over the life of the product.


What changed in 2003?

In late 2002, changes were made to our SurgeArrest product line to enhance service life and manufacturing efficiency as part of our continuous improvement efforts.  These changes have since been shown to have a positive impact on the affected product's response to abnormal building wiring and electrical conditions.


Are our products approved to safety standards?

Yes.  Our SurgeArrest products have always been listed or certified to the latest required version of UL Standard 1449 and applicable CSA standards.


Do our products warn of unsafe building wiring?

Yes.  The "Building (or "Site") Wiring Fault" indicator lights whenever improper building wiring is detected.  The description of the indicator, and environmental conditions that are proper for the products, are covered in the provided user guide.


What are we offering our customers?

Following a claims information and validation process, we are offering our customers a replacement product that is the same model type, or a functionally equivalent model, at no charge.


What do we do if we see an affected product?

Affected products should be taken out of service immediately and the owner should be advised to follow the instructions easily found on


Do I have to return my recalled Surge product?

No, however please take the recalled surge product out of service and dispose of properly.